Thursday, November 20, 2008

White Guilt? Who Inflicted That On Whites?

The End of White Guilt, National Black Republican Association, November 16, 2008.

White Guilt Emancipation Declaration
We, black American citizens of the United States of American and of the National Black Republican Association, do hereby declare that our fellow white American citizens are now, henceforth and forever more free of White Guilt.

This freedom from White Guilt was duly earned by the election of Barack Hussein Obama, a black man, to be our president by a majority of white Americans based solely on the color of his skin.

Freedom is not free, and we trust that the price paid for this freedom from White Guilt is worth the sacrifice, since Obama is a socialist who does not share the values of average Americans and will use the office of the presidency to turn America into a failed socialist nation.

Granted this November 4, 2008 - the day Barack Hussein Obama was elected as the first black president and the first socialist president of the United States of America.

Source: News Blaze and Black Republican Association

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